Celebrating the Season with Symbols

Dates : November 30 (Friday), 2012 - January 6 (Sunday), 2013

From ancient times, the Japanese have celebrated New Year’s Day and other annual events that mark the transition between the seasons by adorning themselves or their living spaces with auspicious motifs. As the New Year approaches, we present selections from the Hara Rokuro Collection that depict auspicious motifs and designs, such as the rising sun, the crane, the tortoise, the pine tree. In these shapes and forms can be seen a culture and aesthetics that have been cultivated by the Japanese people through their relationship with nature.
The auspicious paintings and crafts on display in the Kaikan Pavilion can also be enjoyed as expressions of hope for good health and fortune in the coming New Year.

Featured Works: Landscape of Mt. Fuji, Shiba Ko’kan, hanging scroll, Edo period / Landscape of Yodo river, Maruyama Okyo, hand scroll, Edo period / A hundred cranes, Mori Tetsuzan, pair of six-fold screens, Edo period / Seaside landscape with sunrise Yokoyama Taikan, hanging scroll, Meiji period / Pair of Satsuma ware sake bottles with their portable case, Edo period / Ruyi (Buddhist ritual implement) engraved with figures, jade, Qing dynasty and others