Pop! Pop!! Pop!!! Selections from the Hara Museum Collection

Dates : July 6 (Saturday) – September 1 (Sunday), 2013

Pop Art first sprouted in England in the mid-1950s and came to full bloom in the United States during the ’60s. True to its name, it was a universally accepted popular art movement that took the world by storm. Using simple forms, strong lines and pure colors and motifs such as everyday items and waste, advertising, comics, and celebrity photos, it symbolized a society of mass production and mass consumption while inviting us to consider universal themes such as the sacred and the profane, beauty and ugliness, illusion and reality, and life and death.
In this exhibition, masterpieces by acclaimed masters of Pop Art appear together with works by contemporary artists, the inheritors of the Pop Art tradition. We invite you to come enjoy the Pop harmony the arises from these varied works which go beyond temporal and national boundaries.
The Hallway, the large-scale installation by Miranda July that was shown in the spring exhibition remains on display by popular demand.