Someone Like You – Selections from the Hara Museum Collection

Dates : September 7 (Saturday), 2013 – January 5 (Sunday), 2014

For the painter or photographer, the most accessible and profound of subjects may be the portrait. In a portrait, the face or body (of the model or artist) inevitably reflects the person’s inner world and the zeitgeist of the outer world as well. In the past, portraits were made to celebrate a person’s high social status or to commemorate a special occasion. It developed into a means of expression, and then, with the advent of digital cameras and smart media, into the everyday snapshot. In this exhibition, we explore the world of the contemporary portrait as pioneered by such artists as Nobuyoshi Araki, Miwa Yanagi, Tadanori Yokoo, Tracey Emin, Robert Rauschenberg and Francesca Woodman.