New Year′s Sketches

Dates : November 22 (Friday), 2013 – January 5 (Sunday), 2014

Japanese traditionally celebrate the New Year and other seasonal festivals by decorating their homes with auspicious symbols as talismans of good fortune. In this exhibition, the Kankai Pavilion will display paintings and crafts that feature auspicious imagery used in Japan since ancient days to signify good fortune in the coming year. Birds on a branch, pine trees, the rising sun and the crane are some of the images rich in symbolism that you will find depicted in scroll paintings, folding screens and other items from the Hara Rokuro Collection, accompanied by selected works of contemporary art. We invite you to enjoy these scenes and images in the spirit of the New Year.

Featured works
Traditional Art: Wild horses and horsemen (part of paintings used for wallpaper and sliding doors at Nikko-in guest hall in Mi′ideratemple), Kano school, four hanging scrolls, Momoyama – Edo period / Landscape of Mt. Fuji, Shiba Ko′kan, hanging scroll, Edo period / Landscape of Yodo River, Maruyama Okyo, hand scroll, Edo period / A hundred cranes, Mori Tetsuzan, pair of six-fold screens, Edo period / Seaside landscape with sunrise, Yokoyama Taikan, hanging scroll, Meiji period / Pair of Satsuma ware sake bottles with their portable case, maki-e on lacquer, Edo – Meiji period and others. Contemporary Art: Toshimitsu Imai, Sasameyuki, 1984 / Noe Aoki, tateyama, 2007 / Hiroe Saeki, Untitled, 2009 and others.