Hiroshi Fuji and the Uncharted Land of Toysaurus

Dates : July 5 (Saturday) - October 5 (Sunday), 2014

The artists Hiroshi Fuji is known for his unique activities that create platforms in which people can dialog with one another and create new relationships on a voluntary basis. For this exhibition, Fuji used an uncountable number of small plastic toys and twigs from the museum grounds.

One of the things engaged in by Fuji and his family is the Kaekko Bazaar, which now has a history of traveling throughout Japan. Through this miraculous system, once-loved but now discarded toys are once again taken up by human hands, sorted and brushed up. Now, in the form of Toysaurus, these toys once again see the light of day and are given new life.

Hiroshi Fuji (Artist, Director of the Towada Art Museum)
After completing a B.A. and an M.A. at Kyoto City University of Arts, Fuji joined Japan International Cooperation Agency and worked as a lecturer at the former Papua New Guinea National Arts School. He went on to join an urban planning group, and after that established the Fuji Hiroshi Design and Production Studio. He carries out projects in numerous regions engaging in dialogue and community experiments, such as the Vinyl Plastics Connection (Kaekko) and others. He showed work at the Hara Annual V exhibition (1985) at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, created an on-site work at Hara Museum ARC in 1989, and showed work in the Art is Fun exhibition in 1990 at Hara Museum ARC. He is currently active in Fukuoka and Aomori prefectures.