Pictures That Tell a Story

Dates : [Part I] July 5 (Saturday) – August 20 (Wednesday), 2014 [Part II] August 22 (Friday) – October 5 (Sunday), 2014

Indulge yourself in the spirit of these pictures by tracing the fine details in the facial expressions and lines. Wrestlers battling against each other, a sigh of grief, a figure singing–these images and feelings depicted with many kinds of lines of diverse qualities, convey something that transcends words. We invite you to “listen” to the stories expressed through form and the various techniques of the painter.

Featured Works
Traditional Art Part I and II: Landscape of Yodo River, Maruyama Okyo, hand scroll, Edo Period and others Part I: Scene of mournful assembly at the death of Buddha, hanging scroll, Momoyama period / Huangshi-gong and Zhanglianunder a pine tree, Kano Takanobu, hanging scroll, Momoyama period / Sumo match, pair of six-fold screens, Edo period and others
Part II: Field with the moon, the subject called “Musashino” in Japanese, eight-fold screen, Edo period / Li Pai, viewing waterfall, Kano Tan’yu, hanging scroll, Edo period / Nunobiki Falls, Sumiyoshi Hiroyuki, hanging scroll, Edo period and others Contemporary Art: Leiko Ikemura, Untitled, 1988 / Yoshitomo Nara, Eve of Destruction, 2006 and others