Auspicious Beauty-Art for the New Year

Dates : November 21 (Friday), 2014 – January 4 (Sunday), 2015

It is the time of year again when we feature paintings and crafts with auspicious imagery to welcome in the New Year. It is an opportunity to gaze upon this aspect of Japanese customs and aesthetics passed down through the ages. 2015 is the Year of the Sheep. The word “sheep” contains the ideogram for “beautiful,” and thus the theme this time is auspicious symbols and beautiful women. Selected contemporary works from the Hara Museum Collection will also be on display in the Kankai Pavilion where classical meets the modern.

Featured Works Traditional Art: Princess Wangzhao-jun, set of twelve hanging scrolls by painters of the Kano school, Kano Shirojiro Sadanobu, hanging scroll, Edo period / Landscape of Yodo River, Maruyama Okyo, hand scroll, Edo period / Landscape of Mt. Fuji, Shiba Ko′kan, hanging scroll, Edo period / A hundred cranes, Mori Tetsuzan, pair of six-fold screens, Edo period / Seaside landscape with sunrise, Yokoyama Taikan, hanging scroll, Meiji period and others
Contemporary Art: Edward Kienholz, The Billionnaire Deluxe, 1976/77 / Robert Mapplethorpe, Flower #1-#3, 1977-81 and others