Screen and Wall Paintings by Eitoku and the Kano School

Dates : Part I: March 14 (Saturday) – April 15 (Wednesday), 2015 Part II: April 17 (Friday) – May 27 (Wednesday), 2015

This exhibition presents a number of exquisite ink paintings selected from the Rokuro Hara Collection centering on Tiger in a bamboo grove by Eitoku and other artists of the Kano School that once adorned the walls and partitions of the Shimono-ma (aka: “tiger room”) within he Nikko-in guest hall at Mi’idera temple in Otsu, Shiga prefecture.

Paintings such as these functioned not only as a way to separate spaces, but depending on the theme, were designed to impart a certain meaning to those spaces and thus a certain physical experience of the space in which they appeared.