The World of Creatures

Dates : Part I: March 12 (Saturday) – April 13 (Wednesday), 2016 Part II: April 15 (Friday) – May 18 (Wednesday), 2016

Since time immemorial, animals have existed in close proximity to humans as objects of the hunt, as beasts of burden or as pets. They often appear as the protagonist in the world of literature. And in the field of art, they appear in a variety of mediums such as painting, sculpture and crafts, in all eras and all regions. The reasons are many to express religious or literary connotations, as a wish for long life or fertility, or in the interest of science.
This exhibition takes a look at various creatures ranging from familiar insects and animals to creatures of the imagination, providing a chance for us to ponder their respective meanings.
The creatures you encounter make no noise and do not move, and yet you will surely feel their presence through the cuteness of their expression, the humor in their poses or the strangeness of their appearance. We invite you to enter their world with all your senses activated.