The New Within the Old: Contemporary Art from the Hara Museum Collection

Dates : May 20 (Friday) – June 26 (Sunday), 2016

About once every year since opening in 2008, the Kankai Pavilion, a venue where traditional art (the Hara Rokuro Collection) meets contemporary art (the Hara Museum Collection), has devoted its entire space exclusively to the display of contemporary art. On this occasion, we feature works by artists connected with internationally acclaimed Gutai art movement that arose during the 1950s within the Kansai region of Japan. These include a painting by Kazuo Shiraga displayed in the venue’s tokonoma (alcove) space, as well as works by Sadamasa Motonaga. Also on display are works by Jean Fautrier, Pierre Soulages and Toshimitsu Imai―painters of the Arte Informale movement who were active in France during the same period as Gutai. We invite you to experience the visual dialog between these artworks within the tranquil space of the Kankai Pavilion’s sho-in style architecture and enjoy the spirit and expression of a different age.

Featured Artists
Jean Dubuffet, Jean Fautrier, Henri Michaux, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Pierre Soulages, Toshimitsu Imai, Kazuo Shiraga, Sadamasa Motonaga and others