Dynamism and Stillness

Dates : [Part I] June 30 (Saturday) – August 23 (Thursday), 2018
[Part II] August 24 (Friday) – September 30 (Sunday), 2018
Kankai Pavilion (Traditional East Asian Art)

Featured Works

  • [Part I & II] Traditional Art: A Set of utensils for a game of incense competition decorated with degin of three friends of winter, Edo
    Contemporary Art: Isamu Noguchi / Toshinobu Onosato / Carl Andre / Tokihiro Sato / Menashe Kadishmanperiod and others

  • [Part I] Text for social regulations, attributed to Fujiwara no Yukiyoshi Kamakura period / Birds and flowers (part of paintings used for wallpaper and sliding doors at Nikko-in guest hall in Mi’idera temple), Kano school Momoyama period / Scene of monkey and full moon, attributed to Oguri Sotan Muromachi period / Portrait of Lie Zi, Sesson Muromachi period / Dragon and tiger, Kano Tan’yu Edo period

  • [Part II] Waka poem “Kokin Waka-shu,” first part of “Spring” chapter with painted ground and butterfly design, Hon’ami Koetsu Edo period / Sumo match, Edo period / Nunobiki Falls, Sumiyoshi Hiroyuki Edo period / Scene based on an anecdote of Tametomo, Kikuchi Yo’sai Edo period / Field with the moon, the subject called “Musashino” in Japanese Edo period

Concurrent Exhibition
Stop and Go at Contemporary Art Gallery B and C
June 30 (Saturday) – September 30 (Sunday), 2018


9:30 am – 4:30 pm (last entry at 4:00 pm)


Thursdays (except during the month of August) *Subject to temporary closure in the event of severe weather.


General 1,100 yen, Students 700 yen (high school and university) or 500 yen (elementary and junior high), Free for Hara Museum members, 10% discount for a group of 20 or more, Combination ticket for Hara Museum ARC and Ikaho Green Bokujo (except during Golden Week): General 1,800 yen; Students 1,500 yen (high school and university) or 1,400 yen (junior high), 800 yen (elementary), half price for those over 70, discount for groups of 20 or more
*Visitors to the Kankai Pavilion can view the on-going exhibition in the contemporary art galleries as well.
*Children must be accompanied by an adult.
*For residents of Gunma Prefecture: Free admission for elementary and junior high school children every Saturday during the school term/200-yen-discount on admission for up to five persons upon presentation of the Guchoki Passport.
*Visitors to the Kankai Pavilion can view the on-going exhibition in the contemporary art galleries as well.