SHOP@CAFE JONJON GREEN by Youta Matsuoka: Fragment of Mural

Date(s) : November 9 (Friday), 2018 – January 14 (Monday / national holiday), 2019

Time : 10:00 am – 4:15 pm

「Fragment of Mural No.15」2014-2018年 ©JONJON GREEN by Youta Matsuoka

SHOP@CAFE is a continuing series of small exhibits that showcase popular and trendy goods under the catchphrase “Living with Art.” This winter in the 8th installment, the mural artist JONJON GREEN by Youta Matsuoka will be presenting paintings for viewing and purchase. In creating these pieces, murals dynamically painted with aerosol and acrylic paints were stripped from their original surfaces, collaged and reborn as panel paintings that can also be enjoyed indoors (each comes with its own original box).

JONJON GREEN by Youta Matsuoka
Born in Takasaki Japan in 1978, Youta Matsuoka graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo. Influenced by beat, hip hop, graffiti and other street cultures, along with counterculture movements like the hippie and punk movements, Matsuoka set off for an extended period of solo travel after graduating from school. Upon returning to Japan in 2004, he began serious work as an artist. He has since exhibited in Japan and abroad and engages in a wide range of activities that includes mural painting, art show planning and collaborations with other artists and companies like Coca Cola (JP), Uniqlo, Facebook (JP) and Instagram (JP).


Cafe d’Art at Hara Museum ARC