SHOP@CAFE Imaginary Landscapes: The Textiles of AKA+H

Date(s) : March 24 (Friday) – June 25 (Sunday), 2017

Time :

SHOP@CAFE is a continuing series of small exhibits that introduces high-quality artworks and goods for sale under the catchphrase “Living Art.” This spring, we are showcasing the textile paintings and small objects of AKA+H, a collaborative duo consisting of textile creator and project designer.
Through the unique textile works of their fantasy-laced world, we are invited to travel to imaginary places literally filled with the fragmented memories of street scenes, plants, animals and objects.

This two-artist collaboration have been producing textile designs and various goods since 1999. Under the concept of “art for daily life,” they create textiles printed with a variety of sketches that make them look like paintings and objects designed as embellishments to daily life.


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