SHOP@CAFE “Flowers – Bewitching Forms, Beautiful Shapes by Satoshi Kanai”

Date(s) : September 16 (Saturday) – November 8 (Wednesday), 2017

Time :

SHOP@CAFE is a series that places a spotlight on high-quality artworks and goods for sale under the catchphrase “Art in Life.”

This autumn, we feature paintings and other items by Satoshi Kanai, an artist who hails from Shibukawa in Gunma prefecture. Created specifically for this occasion, the 20 pieces include new paintings of lisianthus, pinecone and other flowers and plants in vibrant, carefree colors. Mounted in cut-out mats and framed, these small-sized pieces, overflowing with the fresh vitality of their subject matter, are sure to enliven any interior. As an extra treat, the Café d’Art will be offering a special menu during this event.

Satoshi Kanai
Born in 1951 in Akagimachi, Shibukawa, Gunma, Kanai immersed himself in oil painting and drawing during his school days. From his study of the human form, he became fascinated with the beauty of shapes, light and shadow and the beauty of the line, themes that he has steadily pursued throughout his career. In 2002, he studied in Italy under the auspices of the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists provided by The Agency for Cultural Affairs. Kanai is a member of the Dokuritsu Art Association and an active exhibitor of his art. In recent years, he has turned to boldly depicting the irregular shapes and forms of flowers and leaves. Kanai lives in Maebashi.


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