“Enjoying Contemporary Art”

The Museum Shop offers a selections of products based on the keyword “Enjoying Contemporary Art.” These include exhibition catalogues, posters, artist-designed goods, designer gift items and art books, as well as modern products infused with traditional Japanese craftsmanship and products made by artists with roots in the Gunma region.

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[Original Products !]

  • Maruyama Okyo Landscape of Yodo River Letter Pad
    540 yen (tax included)

    The entire 17-meter long Landscape of Yodo River by Maruyama Okyo is reproduced over the 23 color pages of this letter pad, each sheet featuring a different view. Together they take you on a full tour of the Yodo River from Fushimi in Kyoto to Osaka, all in the palm of your hand. Includes an explanatory end sheet and ruled mat.

  • Tabaimo [The public conVENience] Chigo Fan
    2,590 yen (tax included)

    This folding fan features as its motif the baby boy that appears in the large-scale installation public conVENience by the artist Tabaimo. Its chic design and black tassel make it something that can be enjoyed by both men and women, as well as a wonderful souvenir from Japan for overseas visitors.

  • Izumi Kato’s Soft Vinyl Doll in Colors Exclusive to Hara Museum ARC
    4,100 yen (tax included)

    This soft polyvinyl chloride doll was produced in collaboration with the artist Izumi Kato and manufactured by Linden Inc., the famous doll manufacturer. It consists of a light blue body hand-painted one at a time by craftsmen in vermilion, orange and yellow–colors chosen exclusively for Hara Museum ARC by the artist. Like children’s dolls in the past, its durable, soft body can be freely bent and twisted in many positions. Comes in a box illustrated by the artist.

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