Tamotsu Kido: Hunting for Sudden Senselessness!

Date(s) : November 8 (Sunday), 2020

Time : 14:00 – 15:30

*Reservations are closed.

“Sudden senselessness” is a keyword in approaching Kido’s work. Our immediate surroundings are filled with scenes so strange that the only appropriate description is “sudden senselessness,” but they hardly enter our consciousness in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Prior to the workshop, participants will be asked to shoot a lot of scenes that strike their fancy or make them question “what is this?,” in other words, scenes that are “suddenly senseless.” * This workshop may be conducted on Zoom, depending on the novel coronavirus situation.

Workshop Contents

①Explanation of exhibited works by the artist
②Artist talk (description of past work, shooting tips, choosing motifs, etc.)
③Presentation of one or two of each participant’s’ “suddenly senseless” photos and feedback by the artist.




Elementary school age and above *Elementary school students must be accompanied by a guardian.

Participation fee

Free (museum admission is required)

How to apply

Please apply by email. On the subject line, write, “Application for Suddenly Senseless.” In the body, write, ①Date and time of participation, ②Name (guardian’s name, if applicable), ③Number of participants (up to 2 people), ④Daytime contact phone number. Send the email to In case of cancellation, please call 03-3445-0651.

Application deadline

The window for applications will close when the capacity has been reached.

Supported by

MRA Foundation