Shadow puppetry and music performance by Koheysai Kawamura and Oorutaichi

Date(s) : May 18 (Saturday), 19 (Sunday), 2019

Time : 6:30 pm (door opens at 5:30 pm)

Today’s performance will take place in the garden. During the performance, you may sit on the lawn or move around the screen. Same-day tickets are available from 11:00 am at the reception desk (General 3,000 yen; Students/Hara Museum members and up to 2 guests 2,500 yen).

The Hara Museum is happy to present a new work by shadow puppeteer and musician Koheysai Kawamura who will be joined by the musician Oorutaichi. Working together with local citizens, Kawamura uses shadow puppet theater to revive nearly forgotten folktales and legends and stories lying dormant within our minds. For Kawamura, who has forged a unique style based on traditional wayan krit which he studied in Bali, the art of shadow puppet theater lies within the “interval” between the puppets (reality) and their shadows (unreality), thus serving to connect us to memories that are invisible to our eyes. Come experience Kawamura’s mysterious tale that he spins through puppets and simple props; through light and shadows created with his entire body; and through music.

Koheysai Kawamura Shadow puppet performer and musician. Born in Tokyo in 1980, Kawamura studied Wayang Kulit (shadow puppetry) and gamelan (traditional Indonesian percussion music) in Bali, Indonesia for two years. He gives shadow puppet and music performances in Asia and throughout the world. He has also gained much attention for his efforts to preserve traditional stories by presenting them in the form of shadow puppet plays in fieldwork and workshops conducted throughout Japan. He is a leader of the gamelan music unit Taikuh Jikang and the winner of the 2016 Gotoh Cultural Award in the division of Fine Arts. His recent works include MATA AIR, a solo show of shadow paintings (2015/Sagamihara, Kanagawa prefecture), Hebiwa Hebiwa (2015/Fukushima city, Fukushima prefecture), Kōsetsu Chofukuji Engi (2016 and 2018/Kuma, Yamanashi prefecture) BAM BOO NEST (2016/Yamagata Biennale), Ongatonga (2018/Akita University of Art), Monyet si Nishioka memcari pulau baru (2018/Bali, Indonesia) and Teppen Kaketaka(2018/Iwaki, Fukushima prefecture).

Oorutaichi Musician. Born in Nara Prefecture in 1979, Oorutaichi launched his career in 1999 with the creation of music that layered improvised singing in a made-up language over programmed tracks with “hyoryu suru naiteki minzoku” (drifting inner folklore) as the keyword. In addition to his solo work, he is also an active member of units such as the band Urichipangoon, YTAMO and Yuuki. His work ranges from producing for other artists such as Wednesday Campanella, remixes and collaboration with the dancer Masako Yasumoto to composing music for the stage and animated films. He performs internationally in the USA, Europe and Asia. His recent work includes Boku no Tanoshii Shigoto (2013/solo album), Ataerareta Mono (2016/album by Yuuki) and Teppei Kaneuji, “Tower” (performance at Roppongi Art Night 2018).


Hara Museum Courtyard Garden (or The Hall in the event of rain)
* Final determination will be posted on the Hara Museum website by 11:00 am on the day of the show.


May 18 (Saturday), 19 (Sunday), 2019


6:30 pm (door opens at 5:30 pm)


General 3,000 yen; students and Hara Museum members 2,500 yen each
* Ticket-holders may view the current exhibition prior to the start of the performance.


Reservations are accepted by e-mail ( or at the Hara Museum reception counter from March 27. First come first served. Non-reserved seating.


May 18 (Saturday), 19 (Sunday), 2019


Koheysai Kawamura, Oorutaichi


Hayato Ichimura

Lighting design

Takashi Watanabe

Planning by

Aya Matsuura