Kasetsu Workshop + Performance: Write “Tree”, Create a Forest

Date(s) : November 17 (Saturday), 2012

Time :

We are happy to present a workshop on the theme of “trees” centering around books and calligraphy. The workshop leads by Kasetsu, a noted calligrapher whose activities include exhibitions, book covers and workshops, and by ECRIT, a publisher of quality books with a focus on poetry, art and other subjects. During the workshop, participants have the chance to exercise their creativity writing the Chinese character for “tree.” Inspiration will be provided by a selection of books from the ECRIT Collection with trees as their subject and a lecture by Kasetsu.

Calligrapher. Born in Kyoto in 1975. Has held regular exhibitions (mainly solo) since 1992. Her books include ATO (2009) published by between the books, a private press directed by photographer Takashi Honma, Sho no Sumika Calligraphies by Kasetsu (2006) published by Akaakasha, a printer of art and poetry books, and Ishi no Asobi (2003, Heibonsha), a serialized work that appeared in the Kyoto Shimbun newspaper. She conducts calligraphy workshops throughout the country. Her work has appeared on the cover of many books, including Korekushon Senso x Bungaku (Shueisha) and Ishihara Shintaro no Bungaku (Bungei Shunshu). She resides in Tokyo.

ECRIT is a editing/publishing office that releases mainly collections of poetry at a rate of two volumes a year. The Battle of the Trees, the book that inspired the present event, is the third volume that takes up the subject of trees, following Under the sky, over the trees (text by Hiroshi Osada, illustrations by Rieko Hidaka) and Ki to kotoba (a volume that interweaves words about trees of all places and times). The picture books used in the workshop are selected from ECRIT’s Kirin Bunko Collection.


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