Perrier-Jouët Floral Garden

Date(s) : March 21 (Saturday) – May 10 (Sunday), 2015

Time :

To mark the exhibition Mika Ninagawa: Self-image, the Café d’Art at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art has opened the Perrier-Jouët Floral Garden, a special project that combines the enjoyment of art with a glass of champagne. The Floral Garden consists of an outdoor setting of tables with a unique amenone floral design and chairs designed by Philip Stark. Visitors who order the special Floral Garden menu described below will receive priority seating.

Perrier-Jouët – Artistic Expression of Champagne
The champagne house Perrier- Jouët was founded in 1811 by Pierrer Nicolas Perrier and Adele Jouët. Its combination of tradition-bred expertise, exceptional vineyard and labor of love has resulted in a house style with a unique floral tone that has been handed down through successive cellar masters.
Passionate about art, the house was inspired by the work of Émile Gallé, a renowned master of Art Nouveau, and in 1902 entrusted him with the task of creating a unique decoration for its premium magnums. The famous white anemone decoration was then adopted for the house’s well-known Belle Epoque vintage.