Members-only Event: 39 PROJECT with Mami Kosemura

Date(s) : Saturday September 1, 2018

Time : To be announced to the participants

39 Project is a series of small dining or tea gatherings, outings, and guided tours exclusively for our museum members. The purpose of the program is to thank our museum members and donors for the vital support that they have provided as we approach the 40th anniversary next year in December. The numbers “3” and “9” are pronounced in Japanese as “san” and “kyu”, which together sounds like “thank you.” The name is thus not only an indication of the 39 years the Hara Museum has been in existence, it is in and of itself an expression of gratitude.

The first installment was a breakfast gathering with the artist Mami Kosemura at Heaven on the second floor of Pierre Hermé Paris in Aoyama, Tokyo. Participants enjoyed their popular petit-déjeuner and the company of Mami Kosemura, who held a solo exhibition at the Hara Museum in the summer.

When: Saturday, September 1, 2018

Reservations are required
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