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Catalogue: Jim Lambie Unknown Pleasures
This is the catalogue for the exhibition held at the Hara Museum from December 13, 2008 to March 29, 2009. Jim Lambie, who was born in Scotland in 1964 during the heyday of Op Art, is an artist who lays down plastic tape in precise geometric patterns over entire floors to boldly transform the space itself. In doing so, he explores the creation of rich visual experiences through the use of abstractions and the possibilities that they hold. In this show, Lambie uses “The Strokes,” a work which consists of curved black and white lines, to cover all the floors of the exhibition space. On these surfaces, he strategically positions an assortment of items that he has made using chairs, mattresses and other sundry objects, effectively utilizing the architectural space of the museum which was originally built to serve as a private residence. By changing the entire building into a single sculptural space, the exhibit presents the viewer with an overwhelming experience.As an additional pleasure, the exhibition title comes in the form of a sticker that can be attached anywhere.
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1,620 yen
Catalogue: Jim Lambie Unknown Pleasures

SIZE: A4変形 210×210×5mm 40P