Tomoko Mukaiyama, Canto Ostinato on Piano

Date(s) : October 13 (Friday), 14 (Saturday), 15 (Sunday), 2017

Time : October 13 (Friday) 7:00 pm /October 14(Saturday) 6:00 pm /October 15(Sunday) 3:00 pm

The Hara Museum of Contemporary Art is proud to present the internationally active pianist and visual artist Tomoko Mukaiyama who will perform Canto Ostinato written in 1976 by the Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt (1923-2012).

Since moving to and making the Netherlands her base in 1990, Tomoko Mukaiyama has gained renown for her innovative style of performance that engages with audiences in unconventional ways that offer them an indelible musical experience. These range from the Living Room recital during which she chatted and drank tea with audience members while she played the piano, to her for you recital that involved performing within a 2,000-seat concert hall for an audience of one.

From 2000, she has collaborated with talents in genres as varied as dance, fashion and design. These include the likes of Jiří Kylián, the choreographer of the Nederlands Dans Theater, and the performance artist Marina Abramovic. She has also shown artwork at international art venues throughout the world, including the Biennale of Sydney, Yokohama Triennale, Art Setoichi, and Aichi Triennale.

Her constant explorations into new territories of expression led her in 2016 to produce La Mode, a much-talked-about installation performance piece in which contemporary ballet and disparate elements from fashion, architecture and other genres share the stage.

At the Hara Museum, Mukaiyama will perform Canto Ostinato, a minimal yet emotional work that was written in 1976 by the Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt and has been described by some as “life changing.” Performed in more than 50 countries, including its country of origin where it is so beloved a performance is said to be held somewhere every month, Canto Ostinato is uniquely structured to allow each rendition to be played at varying lengths and with different instruments. Performances often involve multiple pianos and continue for hours at a time. It has, however, been rarely performed in Japan. Starting in 2012, Mukaiyama performed Canto Ostinato as part of a concert series called Multus which toured Japan for three years. We invite you come to the Hara Museum this autumn to enjoy this magnificent work and the rare chance to hear Mukaiyama perform solo on a single piano.

Tomoko Mukaiyama
Mukaiyama integrates different disciplines into her art-and-music pieces in ways that challenge preconceptions about her instrument, performance and the concert hall itself, and in doing so, takes classical music to another level. At her core as a pianist and visual artist fascinated with the unconventional in contemporary art is the desire to communicate with her audience in novel ways and within new settings. Towards this end, she has collaborated with many film directors, designers, architects, dancers and photographers, among which include Marina Abramovic, MERZBOW, Jiří Kylián and Michael Gordon, and has staged performances at such venues as the Royal Concertgebouw, Sydney Opera House and the Yokohama Triennale.

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Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation

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Fonds Podiumkunst, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo

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