Body and Soul ─ Selections from the Hara Museum Collection

Dates : September 17 (Sat.), 2011 to January 4 (Wed.), 2012

The expression “body and soul” has had a long tradition of use in America, among other countries, appearing in countless titles of songs and movies. In Japan the expression has also become a common one that is mainly encountered in music. On display in the contemporary art galleries are works selected from the Hara Museum Collection with “body and soul” as the keyword. The body has been compared to many things; for example, a container for the soul or a shell for the spirit. Some view the body and soul as being one and the same thing, or the body as a medium through which the self interacts with others and the surrounding world. We in this media age experience the body with its expanded capabilities made possible by various tools and technologies. In some of some of the paintings, photographs, sculptures and other works on display, the body is clearly the subject; in others it is not. Nonetheless, it is hoped that their myriad expressions will inspire viewers to consider anew the connection between the body and the spirit and what the body means to them.

Featured artists: Izumi Kato/Yayoi Kusama/Ushio Shinohara/Tabaimo/Miwa Yanagi/Tomoko Yoneda/William Kentridge /Laurie Simmons/Mickalene Thomas and others (tentative)