Joyous Journeys – Selections from the Hara Museum Collection

Dates : March 17 (Saturday) – June 24 (Sunday), 2012

The Ikaho region where Hara Museum ARC is situated has long flourished as one of Japan’s preeminent tourist spots. Praises for Ikaho can be found as far back as the ancient anthology of poetry, the Manyoshu. During the Edo period, it was admired for the therapeutic value of its hot springs, for its views of Mt. Haruna and for visits to Mizusawa Temple on New Year’s Day. Nowadays, the Japanese word ″tourism″ generally means travel for the purpose of enjoyment. But digging into its roots, we find the same expression in Chinese classics that literally means ″to see the light of the country.″ Could this light be the indescribable glow that emanates from the sight of people living happy lives?
For this exhibition, we have thus chosen art from the Hara Museum Collection that exemplifies this interpretation — art that is filled with the joy, comfort and brilliance of life. We hope you will come on a ″tour″ of the museum and be bathed in the joyous glow of its art.

Featured artists: Toshikatsu Endo/Yayoi Kusama/Hiroe Saeki/Tokihiro Sato/Hiroshi Sugimoto/Tabaimo/Kohei Nawa/Hiroharu Mori/Tadanori Yokoo/Cao Fei/George Rickey/Sigmar Polke/Piotr Kowalski and others